Cruises are 1½ to 2 hours long. The tour encompasses 3 distinct experiences starting with a narrated cruise up the Intracoastal waterway. Then picking up speed and passing several uninhabited islands as well as the jetty heading out into the ocean. The second part of the tour is heading into the ocean to find and view the dolphins and the third part is picking up speed to view our beautiful coastline.

This is a wet ride so dress accordingly. There is a dry box on board for valuables. We do suggest a bag or case to keep cameras and phones dry so you may take pictures. Sun glasses and sunscreen are also recommended for this tour.

If you want SEATING UNDER THE CANOPY please arrive early because boarding is done by group #.  Group #1 will board first and will include several parties who arrive the earliest.  All passengers must check in and get a boarding pass before boarding. The boat departs promptly at scheduled times so please allow time to park, check-in, etc.

These cruises are not handicap approved by the coastguard.  Tickets are non refundable!

NO they do the same cruise.  They are both narrated by an experienced crew.  Both boats have a canopy covering about 8 rows of seating. Both hold 141 passengers.

They are 1 ½ – 2 hours long.

YES both boats are at the same location.

NO when you make a reservation online your confirmation, instructions & directions will be emailed to you.  Just give your last name when checking-in for your boarding pass.

YES there are restroom facilities at each location prior to boarding. The restrooms on board are marine toilet facilities and are for emergency use.

YES it can be a wet ride so dress accordingly. Bathing suits with covers, towels, whatever you are comfortable with.

YES the cruise operates in light rain.  The Captain may cancel if weather becomes stormy. (Thunder & Lightening)

You may bring food and drink in a small (6 pack) soft sided cooler. STROLLERS & CAR SEATS are NOT allowed on board.

YES under the seats for all passengers. Also CHILDREN’S life jackets are available.

NO the boats are not handicap accessible.  Wheelchairs & walkers can go as far as the stairs to the boat.  They are not allowed on board for safety reasons.  There are about 4-5 steps (handrails) up to the boat and then a short distance to a seat.  The crew will assist with boarding.  These cruises are not handicap approved by the coastguard.

Yes! Gift cards can be purchased on our website.

Gift cards do not expire.  Gift cards are NON-REFUNDABLE, including remaining balances.